Sean Roberts

Started playing piano at the age of 6. By age 13 he began joining local musicians to form bands around Pittsburgh. First live show was at the former Decade in Oakland for the first ever battle of the bands.

Attended Duquesne school of music where meeting a fellow musician that would help him form the band called “Big Bad Wolf “. The band recorded 2 studio albums, toured the east coast for 5 years & Signed a contract with Infinity Records. Afterwards, he then formed a blues band with former members called The Soul Cats.

In 1995 was called to join Jellyrolls in Station Square. Performed Dueling Pianos for four years until it closed. Throughout his career, Sean has performed on stage with The Crickets, Granati Brothers and Donni Iris. Since then, performing at all “other” dueling piano clubs around Pittsburgh until joining Charlie Murdochs in the South Side of Pittsburgh.

Recorded a solo album in 2004 titled “Lost Vision”. Songs from this can be found on his Myspace page listed below. Having a studio in his home, Sean continues to record Solo material along with other projects from area musicians.

His influences include Bon Jovi, Dream Theatre, Boston, David Bryan, Rush, Don Henley & Journey to name a few. Sean has a wide variety of material that is sure to please any crowd !

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